EDA for Aluminium and JMatPro

Datum 25.02.2021
Zeit 10 - 11.3
Veranstaltungsort Webinar
Veranstalter-Name Matplus GmbH
Veranstalter-Telefon +49 (0)202 297 897 80 Eva Dombrowa

JMatPro® is a simulation software that calculates a wide range of material properties for aluminium alloys. It can be used to:

-optimize chemical compositions

-optimize heat treatments

-generate consistent material cards for FEM simulation (Casting, Forming, Welding, Heat Treatment)

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EDA® is a cloud enabled materials data system designed for materials experts and engineering enterprises. It is an open and scalable solution and covers

-explorative data analysis for materials simulation

-materials test data management and materials modelling

-knowledge management and reporting

-base data management of reference and in-house databases

-data exchange between labs and their customers


Specific topics of this webinar are:

>Calculation and Optimization of Materials Properties

>Material Reference Database AluSelect

>Material Data Management - from tests to material cards for simulation