Key Figures


Many products which we use on a daily basis would not be conceivable without forged parts.

Wherever safety, reliability and durability are called for, forged components and systems are indispensable. Our safety each day depends on forged parts. No engineering product – be it a car, train, construction machine, aeroplane or cruise liner – would drive, fly or float without forged components and systems.

According to EUROFORGE, the production volume of forging companies amounted to 2.8 million tons in 2016. This corresponds to 2 billion forged parts.

Company Sizes

In Germany, around 250 primarily medium-sized forging companies act as suppliers to high-tech industries.

Based on company size, the following chart can be derived for 2016:


As a typical supply industry, forging companies predominantly serve the economic sector of vehicles and mechanical engineering.

According to the supply volume, the customer structure for the products of the forging industry is as follows:


Over half of the forging companies are located in North Rhine-Westphalia. Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are likewise regional hubs for the forging industry.