Forging - A Strong Industry

Forging companies are an important economic factor in the German industrial landscape. Many products which we use on a daily basis would not be conceivable without forged parts.

Wherever safety, reliability and durability are called for, forged components and systems are indispensable. Our safety each day depends on forged parts. No vehicle or machine - be it a car, train, construction machine, aeroplane or cruise liner - would drive, roll, fly or float without forged components and systems.

There are around 250 forging companies in Germany. The forging industry in Germany is the clear market leader in Europe and No. 2 in the world.

In Germany, almost 3 million tons or over 2 billion parts were produced in 2017 by means of closed-die forging, cold extrusion, open-die forging and ring rolling. The production value lay at 9 billion euros.